Omnipotent beings aren't really omnipotent

okay but can he create a triangle who’s sides don’t add up to 180 degrees?

(or, maybe, a prison not even he can escape?)

if so, they aren’t omnipotent (lol!)

omnipotence is an idea humans created which doesn’t exist. Under the criteria it is impossible for anything to have omnipotence.

no he couldn’t. he created triangles to have 180* and thats how they are. but maybe?

uh huh?

I forgot about that from yesterday. :skull:

There’s also:

(posted 10 minutes ago btw)

your point? You’ve already proven that nothing is truly omnipotent by your standards.

you basically said:

“I mean idk bro god is def omnipotent”

“but ngl omnipotence isn’t really really so like…”

it’s pretty ambivalent and weird

also wdym by my standards

omnipotence itself objectively is like this

and I can’t take back what I said? Change my opinions? Learn!?

kinda weird you changed your opinion in 6 minutes but sure ig

I also replied first to your post about why God was omnipotent explaining why God wasn’t omnipotent, to which you replied that omnipotence itself was stupid.

that’s just a tad bit weird

Me: “please let this be a normal argument…”

Literally everyone else: “WITH THE NERD? NO WAY!!”

fellow magic school bus fan

absolute chad

I can do whatever I want - God


omnipotence is such a stupid ability I swear

I actually had a discussion on how God sees reality and I think I got my answer (basically yes, God can theoretically make something stronger than him as there is theoretically something greater than him).

I mean, the fact he created a rock describable as being unliftable even by him, even if he lifts it, the fact he created a rock that was unliftable by him anyway actually would mean he’s not omnipotent.


How does it make him not omnipotent?

because he can’t lift the rock.

omnipotent beings are supposed to do everything

and if he can’t lift a stone, that’s not everything.

and for the people who are like “oh well he can just defy logic and lift it anyways durrrr” that means he cannot make a stone he can’t lift in the first place, making him not omnipotent either.

Because even if he lifts the rock he couldn’t lift, (which is already pretty ridiculous but meh) the fact it’s true that he actually can’t lift the rock is proof he’s not omnipotent. He does lift the rock that is unliftable, but if it’s true that the rock is unliftable by them, they are not omnipotent.

idk either that or they just made a rock they could lift but that has the same result too so :person_shrugging: