Omnitheos but animation


Video itself

Cool story

Today after finishing my daily 2-hour-long study sessions, i went to forum, in #art category. After some searching i though: “Hey, what if i remake something in 3d? Im one of few 3d ““artist”” here so why not?” After searsch and search, i stumbeled upon this post.

And i was like. THINK [Dr.Archipelago] THINK. You have stupdio and all models you have, and you have time. You can do anything so do this! And so i did…

And i’ll do it again

Once again, thanks @LittleShrekSheep for such masterpiece for me to re-make. Love ya :kissing_heart:


Mwah, it’s magnificent!
Hot stuff my dude, keep it up! :heart_eyes:

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now do the hot milk version

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Amazing stuff

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what exactly did i do??

Giving art for me to remake AKA insipration

trollus/littleshreksheep drew the art, not me.