Once Again

I’ve saved up around 900 dollars now. I’m looking for a computer(preferable a laptop) that can run AO with at least 40 FPS. Do any of you have some suggestions? I don’t think we’ll be able to make our own.


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If you want performance don’t get a laptop

o k

not entirely true, you can get a servicable gaming laptop

Laptops perform worse for a higher cost
Not worth it, building your own PC is much better

I said we won’t be able to.(my mom and I)

my 1660 ti can’t reliably run ao so you’d need something better than that.

are you not able to afford it or do you not know how to build a pc.

I don’t think she has the time and I don’t want to trouble her. My mom is used to laptops, so I want to get one for her.

We have a computer with a 300 dollar rtx card and the average server runs at 20 fps. Good luck :skull:

you can buy premade pcs

Those still do run better than laptops

I don’t want to buy one that’s bad… I just want to buy one that someone else has confirmed is very good.

premade pcs aren’t bad, there’s lots of good ones out there. Do you have a specific price range?


Yeah but if i build it it will come destroyed

not sure if 900 would be enough to get a gpu to reliably run AO. you’d have to sacrifice the performance of everything else.


thats tough

AO is that dogwater at optimization…