One of my online "friends" blocked me for the dumbest reason

Remember that poll I had made about how Vetex’s username is pronounced? Well, I made that poll because on the day of WoM’s release my friend had said that it was pronounced Veh-Tex, and I disagreed. Months later I remembered this conversation and had to know what Vetex would vote. He voted for V-Tex :frsleepin:

A few days later I remember the conversation we had and finally wanted to prove him wrong (it was meant as a joke, I’m not rude…)! I hit him up on Discord (his username was something like “HEYYYYYY GEOOOOORGE” referring to Dream on YT). I commented on his interesting username and then reminded him of that debate we had a few months ago on how Vetex’s name is pronounced. I had linked him the poll I made and told him that Vetex himself had voted for V-Tex. He then responded with, “I’m going to block you lol.” I responded with, “I’m kidding, lol” because I didn’t know if I was being rude or not, so I just tried to lay it off as a joke. I then asked him, “Do you still play F o r t n i t e ?” He responded with a yes but not that much as he has been playing more MC and then linked me some MC video of some stupid potato farm idk. He then asked, “well, what do you want?” And I replied with “Oh, that’s all lol.” He then once again responded with “I’m actually going to block you, lol” I then asked why. I kid you not, he said (not quote from quote): Because you messaged me about how Vetex’s name is pronounced even though I don’t play Roblox anymore
The kid blocked me because I play Roblox. I had responded with “: /” and then “Aight, bye.”

I mean, I didn’t really bother me that much I was just surprised that he blocked me over that. It had been like months since we last chatted

Also also, after he blocked me I had realized that he is like 11 years old (I’m serious).

Idk why I posted this I just felt like it since I have nothing else to do


Oh, uh, sorry about that, couldn’t have you listening in on our plans

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