ONE PIECE chapter 1044 tomorrow!

Spoilers ofc

The drums of liberation…

nice i am just 944 more episodes away from it!

I’m like 600 something I forgot where I left off.

I already read the whole transcript :skull:

Ngl One-piece mid
Backyardigans better :yawning_face:


I’m going for Triller bark it’s slow but…

same lol

Im already 169 episodes away from the latest episode

I’m already at the latest episode and the latest chapter in the manga and has read all the spoilers of the new manga chapter and I’m already caught up in the English Dub of the anime as well

I thinked I stopped around the whole cake arc like 800-900 episodes in i think

Whats special about this episode exactly? One comes out every week


i stopped at episode 700 and something

It’s for the latest manga chapter and it’s pretty important as it going to reveal something highly important about Luffy. Also the anime is on hiatus right now as the studio that makes it was hacked a couple weeks ago.


jk Im actually up to date with the anime (sub) but never read the manga

you are going to go nuts in about a year when it gets animated
good luck avoiding spoilers for a bit

Joyboy is ah cof

It’s funny because after I said that I saw a video about it, so I was like “bruh really” but now I know