Ong can yall sshut up abt ao

Arcane Odyssey Obviously isnt an AA clone it literally takes place after the entire peacekeeper vs Durza Ordeal,
Also there would be new enemies not just the same fucking bosses dumbasses
its literally a combination of AA and WoM now sit down and go back to algebra 2 dumbass


As an algebra 2 student I feel personally offended :frcryin:

But honestly a lot of people are suddenly coming to the forums for the first time and they dont take the time to meticulously read all the details confirmed by Vetex (honestly understandable though, a bit annoying but I see where theyre coming from). AO is gonna have its own features and be essentially what should be a revised AA, things will probably get quieter though once more details are confirmed.

Discord Users are incapable of reading a singular liner

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but what yall learning in Algebra 2 anyways

Stuff with polynomials, so far its basically a repeat of algebra 1 but somehow harder in my case because its an “honors” class. I cant tell if I like it more or less than geometry.

Now the people you want to shut up are going to reply to this topic

Ubisoft created Assassin’s creed rogue and it look similar to black flag (outside the story)but with cooler light tone
and not many of em complain and they like it

this might same for AO

Factorization or Arithemtics?

I mean from a gameplay point of view it seems like it will be very similar to AA except for stuff WoM already established like customizable magic and the new weapon system.

Once people adapt to the change, things will finally calm down.

I’m personally looking foward to the update, seems like the best thing to ever happen to this game.

lets not talk about the discord members who got a forum account just to shit on tgr.

Customizable Magic is still going to happen lol

Factorization, things like solving them in equations with basic (forgot the fancy name, just +,-,*,/), simplifying complex ones, all that stuff. Its pretty easy once I get the concept, its just that theres so much work and repetition we’re required to do.

honestly same bro

To be fair, this was a poorly worded sentence.

Y’all are doing Algebra 2? Pre-Cal sucks your soul faster more fun though.

You do a lot of that in calc, but there are so many short cuts, dw about it

i gotta always remember that not everyone played aa, not everyone cares about the lore as much as some others may do

i at least hope this TGR thing is as good as vetex says it will be


I like how half of this is relatable algebra discussion started by a sarcastic remark.


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