Opinion on how higher level quests are

Does it need some adjustments? Currently, by my experience. Leveling is a bit odd, i mean ya’ll gonna take 6hrs from lv1 to 50 but takes 2hrs from 50 to 80. It just feels a bit odd how fast it is for apprentice quests, not that i want it nerfed… but maybe I just want a bit more challenge to those type of quests

levels 1 to 15 and 25 to 35 are pretty fast - it’s the second half of each rank’s grind that takes ages

I suspect once we start trying to get to level 100 we’re going to discover apprentice quests aren’t as OP as they seem.

Novice quests are horrible, most of the quests don’t even have enough xp to instantly level up a level 25, while starter quests and apprentice quests ALWAYS instantly level up the first level of the rank.

The thing is that you will be stuck with apprentice quests for a much longer time than starter or novice quests.
Like with starter and novice quests, you get about more than a level per quest at the very beginning of the wizard rank, except that the apprentice rank has a longer beginning and will also eventually have a super long moment where you won’t fill your exp bar a lot with each quest until you finally reach the next rank where you will again gain more than a level per quest. All that because the apprentice rank is significantly longer than starter and novice.
To be honest, I forgot at what level does the apprentice rank end, but I remember it being much longer than others.

Novice isn’t even a level per quest at the beginning of it.