Opinions on crystal magic?

I’m one hundred percent not whining that my magic is horrible for pvp :smiley:

crystal is meh atm but im sticking with it because its special ability will make it more of a “burst” type of magic

Yeah right now it’s so disappointing to fight people with, I just get blast spammed every time.

the sphere explosion is pretty but also hot garbage everything else is extremely disappointing but its still pretty

Ok, good i’m not the only one feeling that way. Honestly I was hoping someone could make me feel better for using it. So far, no luck.

It has all of its points into looks not actual stats so yeah

I’m sure it will be more powerful once it gets its new ability, its unlike any other ability so far.

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I think the overall idea of crystal is it being somewhat in the middle of slow like light and hard hitting like gold making it a mixed magic

however in the current meta mixed stats are fucking abysmal

Yeah, I use hybrid gear aswell it’s such a disappointment.

earth is worse change my mind

The new crystal ability will definitely boost it’s status, and I feel every magic should get a new ability, just to add variety to WoM even more with different discrepancies.


It may be bad in pvp and decent in clashing, but you can’t deny that it is a great to look at.

Looks aren’t gunna cut it when i’m low hp

They will look at it and sit there ready to be attacked (0.0001 percent of the time)

Earth is amazing at looking like literal feces and has a bigger distract factor than crystal aesthetics making it better

Bro have you seen earth’s new size? Earth is an ez B+ tier while crystal is C

Jeez, there’s something worse than crystal? RIP

What did you just say?

Headless running snow :frcryin: