Opinions on the guild infamy being reset after revamp

Im just curious on what everyone has to say about the guild infamy being reset. I honestly think it could make things a lot more dangerous since the guilds on the leadboard (especially SunCry) will be hunting nonstop to get all their shit back. Any thoughts?

I’m excited to see the chaos ensue begin guilds since there will be a much more even playing field now

who cares

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its just gonna be heaps of top guilds trying to keep suncry away from #1

I don’t know about this, the new leader (no offense) is shit at leading

no offense as well but he isnt the greatest. probably because he is waiting for ao

besides, naval gonna win in ao :triumph:

It needed to happen, if I remember right, the infamy grind in AO is going to be way different so having infamy persist from WoM to AO would make absolutely 0 sense.

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naval sooo good

are you being sarcastic because i killed you on my naval file earlier

no boy i am serious & you have a naval file?

suncry crying rn

just when we got 2 infamy too :worried:

I don’t care :sparkles:

do you mean that erin guy in the paper boat guild
i havent seen your username ingame all month

you guys are still playing wom?

dnc (do not care)


what’s a WoM?

no he isn’t, I was helping them on my alt before everyone knew I was symbioticvetex

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yes we played yesterday

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