Optimization Inquiry: Universes and StreamingEnabled

I haven’t seen any mention of these two optimization techniques in the TGR post, which is confusing, since the map redesign to islands should facilitate both pretty well.

Universing a game is simply splitting into separate “games” with teleports between them so that content from other areas simply doesn’t exist while playing in another.

Most round-based games do this(every dungeon crawler/tower defense)
but Open World Roblox RPGs such as:

also use this system.

StreamingEnabled is where ROBLOX determines which assets to load in the same game, and which to omit until the player reaches an area.

Games such as Dawn of Aurora and Islands use this to be able to multiplatform, and I would wager that most games with mobile compatability follow suit.


  1. Scrapping the map and NPC design
  2. Making the new map center around islands

Both solutions should be viable. It’s confusing to see why there’s been no mention of them.

Vetex tried streaming enable once and it was gay .-.

Yes, on the current map, with the current scripts.

Not only is a full overhaul of the map going to clearly define areas to load (a la Islands), but AI is also going to be scrapped for many NPCs.

It says on the trello to do list that the game will be separated into universes. StreamingEnabled is too buggy to use and causes more lag when turned on for some PCs

Roblox just being roblox :sleeper:

I’m quite sure the games I listed on the OP run StreamingEnabled well enough, although maybe that’s because they value mobile compatibility over PC edge cases.

On the Trello, I found this bulletpoint for Arcane Odyssey:

Separate the Titlescreen - The titlescreen will now be a separate place that you see when you first join the game. After selecting a file or warping to a friend, you will be teleported into the first universe, the Southern Sea, where the file you chose will be loaded

Not quite sure what first universe means here. Is every island going to be a place, or is it simply a separation between titlescreen and game?

Get rid of psychics

yes psychics are bad. Always reading your future in tea leaves and stuff like that.

every sea will have its own universe, just like the prequel

I vaguely remember some Roblox update that can switch players between servers/universes almost seamlessly. Is that a thing that could be implemented?

I’m not sure if thats added yet, I think it was just part of a tech demo or something

As in load screens and place asyncs or like instantly in a dif place?