Order of Aesir

Since there is supposed to be 2 barons and 1 high lord per sea in the War Seas, how is it that we have only encountered one Baron (Argos) and one High Lord (Calvus). My only speculation is that we might see another Bronze Sea Baron while we are on our way to the Nimbus Sea. Other than that, I don’t know why we haven’t encountered a second baron yet.

what if the second baron was the friends we made along the way :thinking: :face_holding_back_tears:


I am the second baron

Ok time to farm your drops ig

I do not drop anything because I do not die

L boss ngl imagine being unkillable

that’s not even really a boss.

If I was a boss, I’d grant armor that boosts Magic size and Defense.

maybe I’d have 1 or 2 things that give power

and a weapon for conjurers (requires magic AND weapon stats, like argos gear but instead of str/wep it’s mag/wep)

So you’d drop sunkens

Power, AoE, Defense

sunken with slightly worse stats in exchange for having power added

Fort Castrum or whatever its called hasnt been added yet, maybe they’re there since Vet said it will be important later on

beside, who said we cant have a trip around Nimbus Sea, even defeating a Baron there before beat the final Bronze Sea Baron? its not like we’re actively hunting them down… for now

Every metamancer’s dreams come true

boy I sure am a fun and loved boss by the community!!!

I would want my bossfight to be fun, not difficult or requiring much skill, some skill could be needed, but I’d want a gimmick that makes players go “haha this is so weird lol and silly what a creative battle”