Out of all games, which would you play expect for roblox

Note: This also can be games like 2b2t in Minecraft
and obviously I’d play 2b2t but I can’t :frcryin:

hollow knight and silksong ig

This is hard because all I play is ROBLOX. :fr:

Diepio, Terraria, tMod, Job Simulator, Beat Saber, Fruit Ninja for VR and the original Galaga.


Persona 5 R, Enter the Gungeon, Spelunky (1 and 2), Ultimate Chicken Horse, Little Nightmares I and II, P5 strikers, p5 dancing star night, pa 2, the isle, smash bros ult, pokémon (soul silver, platinum, y, ultra moon, ORAS), minecraft, Little Big Planet (I, II, amd III), Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors (Ultimate???), Sonic Generations, Sonic 06, sekiro, donut county, untitled goose game, mario galaxy 2

i only have a few of these

Assassins Creed, Xenoblade, Spider-man, Minecraft, CoD/Apex, Digimon

i’m not even going to say it because it’s so obvious

i legitimately dont fuckin know because i havent touched a game on steam for so long :horse:

geometry dash

I barely play anything other than Roblox

anything else would be Geometry Dash, COD Modern Warfare 3, and those old 90s-early 2000s fighting games


none cause my pc litetally lag with minecraft and any other games i tried so far


I’d probably go back to playing final fantasy and ori.

Or get back into gta V

Gran Turismo SPORT. I don’t need anything else.

NMS, Frostpunk, and Assassin’s Creed are what come to mind immediately.

Gmod, half life (all of em but alyx), TF2, terraria (with tmod) and payday 2

Terraria (including tMod), sometimes Minecraft, Smash 5

what should I image for roblox?

Something unique and fun