Paladin - Everything you need to know (Pre-Early Release)

Paladins Reigning Supreme

How to become The Paladin

If you wish to become a Paladin and make all the pure attack builds cry when you dont get one shotted by their moves, and even put a huge dent in their hp then I’d follow this.

With every level you obtain, you get 2 stat points. There are various options to put your points into. You could invest into weapons, if you like relying on other items, or into strength, if you really want to throw away any strategy and run right into battle. Though, if you wish to join the rank of Paladins, you’ll want to invest into vitality and magic. The points in vitality keep you alive, while the points in magic give you a strong and ranged offensive source.

To be a Paladin, you need at least 40% of your points in vitality and 40% in magic.

These might seem meaningless at first, but they hold a purpose. To understand this, it is easier to look at the classes it comes from first.

The parent classes of a Paladin

The main classes a Paladin comes from are Warden and Mage.


Wardens are builds with at least 61% of their points in vitality. They are the tankiest build and can take a hit from any attack. This keeps them healthy in a fight, but they lack lots of offensive capabilities. They are capable of using a spiritual weapon though.


Mages are a class that has at least 61% of their points in magic. This class poses very high versatility and offensive output. Their hp is garbage though, and they’d fall over to a feather

Benefits of being a Paladin

When you are a Paladin you can obtain the benefits of both of these classes. With every point in vitality, you get points in hp. Like a Warden you can tank hits. Regeneration is percentage based too, so the more max hp you have the more hp per second you regain. Alongside this you have the potential to use a spirit weapon.

You also gain the benefit of a mage. You are given a versatile offensive source of magic. With this you can learn 2 base magics + a lost or ancient depending on which you prefer. This gives you an incredible range of offense. You also can use lost spells and potentially arcanium weapons too. This gives you even more versatility than before.

There are many reasons a Paladin is better than a Mage or Warden. Mages fall short in hp. With all that offense and the power of a God on their side, they sacrifice their ability to survive. Alongside this, who will really effectively use 5 different magics in a battle. As for a Warden, they clad themselves in armor but lack any serious form of offense. These shortcomings are assumed until AO comes out, so take it with a grain of salt. A Paladin is simply a beautiful blend of them both.


Currently, the Paladin has 2 planned awakenings alongside other classes.

The first awakening will give you a 2nd base magic.

The second awakening will give you 10% dmg reduction as well as a tiny dmg boost to magic, weapons, and fighting styles.


Paladins are the superior choice of class and no class will keep up with us.
Thank you to @Archipelago and @ThatOneGuy for the ideas, everyone should read their guides too.

This guide will be updated as I learn more about the class, that is until I change this message

Will you join the Supreme ranks of the Paladins?
  • Yes, I wish to be superior
  • No, I’d rather be inferior

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This is starting to remind me of the time I hopped on the “AO is inspired by ______” train.

Except I think once AO is out if people continue to develop their guides and make them more accurate this trend can be helpful. Personally I’d like to actually make this a place to help people who want to be a Paladin once I get experience being one and can guide others too


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Exactly what I want. I just hope people dont take up the slots of classes just to join the trend and make 0 effort immediately ditched guides. I want us to all be able to make an in depth guide for the class we know best. That way we can cover more ground than 1 person trying to learn every class in depth

That would be nice, but then again the original poster doesn’t need to put in effort if a bunch of other people do it as well/more than the poster like for example: the creator of Reminders for WoM (now known as Reminders for AO) didn’t post nearly as much as other people especially towards the middle and end

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True, I guess I want to update mine and all but honestly as long as the threads are helpful in one way or another after AO drops, im happy

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Solution: make it a wiki post


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not really, they’re just kinda following the same formula as the mage post

isnt it a bit early since youll have to rewrite all of them when people will actually have a reason to look up guides

Oh very much yes, 100% yes, not even a little bit no. Quite frankly writing this and getting is started this early is just another wait to deal with the wait and make it feel like the game will come sooner or make me feel better about the wait. Makes it easier when i try to set something up to involve me with the game in a way, and ill try to make it last, ill try

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