Parrying Function

Parrying Function
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This would work similarly to pulling off a perfect block, except instead of pushing block button at the right time, you have to release the block button (while youre guarding) at the right time. Benefits for successfully pulling off a parry may include (and would vary depending on what you use to shield/parry):

  • reduced damage (up to vetex to decide but my idea would about the same as a perfect block or better)
  • inflict a brief stun period for 1-2 seconds if you parry a melee attack
  • reflect a projectile back (in the opposite direction it came from)

This would be a balanced feature to add because of two factors:

  • one, you would have to be in guard stance in order to trigger a parry. which would mean that you would have to spend a few seconds to set up for a parry;
  • and two, at the same time, you would be spending a bit of stamina in guard stance before you would pull off a parry (and maybe a little more as a little drawback for parrying)

I think this would be a great addition to combat and provide a whole new twist to pvp.

and before you ask, no i did not come up with this idea when deepwoken was announced. fuck you rogue lineage players and deepwoken hypebeasts

I don’t understand the purpose at all for having a parry for everything. This would basically be perfect blocks currently, but different inputs. Alongside this, reflecting projectiles due to the way AOs combat is structured can be a devastating option and can make players play too defensively. Parries for melee already exist in-game, although they’re really buggy and need fixing.

Haha parry deepwoken yes :wink:





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What is the point in this exactly?

All three things the parry does already exists or is planned.
1-2 second stun against melee, and reduced damage already exists ingame. And the Reflector lost magic will already reflect projectiles.

why are you able to rate your own suggestion? just noticing this.

Parry is already happening and is done. While having it reflect projectiles sounds interesting, i doubt such a thing gets added.