People slack on making names

I see a lot of people (including myself) who their names start with a and b. try to notice this yourself.


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unfunny people on their way to name themselves water white Monsters Inc Walk GIF - Monsters Inc Walk Epic - Discover ...

mine is Flora Aura (look i can’t name myself flower or cherry blossom)



  • Corrina anchor (do last names count? I picked it because she’s a WoM file but anyways)

  • Vega anchor

  • Ivory edwards

  • July Archer (was about to name him august but I realized I have some other files with names that begin with A, and I didn’t like that being too common)

  • Tora cutlass

-The clowns-

  • Ashley steel

  • Archie (archibald) arbor

Ace Gold (doubly funny because the initials are AG which is the peridoc short hand for Gold)
my other is Yuriko White (which is a Wind+Ice intensity mage build)

my files names are:
Edward anchor
Lyn creed
Samuel Rodriguez

2nd account

Mira Prime
Angel creed

I actually kept the last names from all my WoM saves, then changed the first name kinda like a generational thing
similarly I also kept the first magic consistent between WoM and AO

I also changed usernames between WoM closing and AO opening, so all my WoM stuff has my old username while my new stuff has my current one

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