People who genuinely likes/plays WoM currently, why?

I actually need to know omg rn WoM(currently) is literally like the definition of :neutral_face: for me.

who is still playing this heap of bad that even vetex himself says is trash

Probably just new players at this point tbh


i join to hunt trades and if im very bored, i fish

people still trade in this game??? :flushed: time to make my 80th Crown for boss drop offer

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im like one of the only people still hunting trades
other stores only wait for good offers

Idk what else to play.ain’t playing a fricking Roleplay game that took like 3 days to make

It’s cool and retro. It makes me feel like I’m in elementary school playing some old RPG even if it can be quite tedious at times

I would be hunting/trading but bad wifi rn so

It’s not good, but I like it and it definitely doesn’t deserve the shit it gets.

The map’s immersive and fun to traverse and explore,
you feel like you have an actual impact on what goes on in the game especially in the news system
and as basic as it is the combat’s fun as well


Bored and also because I don’t want to play generic simulator #1000

No offense, but the people who genuinely make these forum topics act as if the game has never been fun for them and that they’ve never liked it. You really wouldn’t be on this game forum if you’ve never played the game. That is, unless you’re one of Adiris’ friends of course.



I only play to witness the magic council while they last

Is WoM a flawed game? Yes
Does that mean its a bad game? No
All games are flawed in one way or another, and because of that it really just comes down to preference (such as players who liked AA might not enjoy WoM). Thats also why i respect vetex for keeping AO and WoM separate, since they both have their own appeals and flaws so making them the same game just wouldnt feel right.
That being said, i am still hyped for AO since its definitely got a lot more to offer overall than WoM.

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Why still try to defend wom now? The whole existence of the revamp was only because wom was bad, and there were many big issues that prevented vetex from making much development progress, and adding the stuff he and the community want. There’s absolutely nothing fun in wom anymore, it’s all just mundane grinding or killing the same npcs over and over.

there is a reason why i say the word “Currently” in the title, if it wasn’t fun at the start why do i have hundreds of hours on multiple files fr

well its fun game bc you can still make your magic put it diferent names and animations all magics look “good” the concept of the game is very good tho the game is very laggy glitchy and so on but still is fun to just like mess around with magic spells and stuff and there is no other game like wom (i mean the spell creation and stuff like that)

AA, Elemental Battle Grounds, Elemental Grind Game. (There are probably a bit more but, I have not been on Roblox for a bit) Those are all games with “Spell creation”

Need to grind sunkens and boss drops before tgr drops.

Yea that’s probably the main reason people play and I stand for it. I did way too little grinding when the game was alive, and I regret it.