People who trade boss items

Me sitting over here with my 9 sets of clean exiled armor, 4 clean walls, a lvl 90 heavy wall, a lvl 90 strong oath, lvl 60 hard oath, 2 clean oaths, a clean vastira, a lvl 90 strong vastira, a lvl 90 hard vastira, a full set of lvl 90 nimble mino armor, 6 sets of clean mino armor, a shoulder crow, a haunted skull chain, a green cauldron, and a clean sunken sword watching people trade boss items.
Also me looking at shops:

you arent that rich bruv

oh right i plan to boss grind around may and june time now cause compensation

Your a shop. I am very broke compared to you.

I think i just read you saying “im poor” in this post

how many headless u have

Personally I like to just think I’m well off. Nothing crazy but I’m not exactly the poorest player either. I’d like more stuff but that’s all pretty optional, just trying to get sunken helmet so that I can have at least one of every item in the game (side from all the fishes/variants cause fuck that).

because headlesses are sooooooooooo important

looking at this makes me feel broke now im going to grind for another 100 hours over the next week

What would you offer for a clean one :mariomug:

You must be down SO bad if misinput of all people calls you poor

probably 2~ heavy WoJs but I gotta see what I have before I can think of offers. Used to have a solid idea of what I owned but now not so much :nod:

They are

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