Phantom Scythe - Looking for HRs and Captains

Guild Name: Phantom Scythe
Guild Status: Dark
Guild Owner: cookiethelord

Phantom Scythe is an organization of powerful wizards who wish for nothing but power. Eliminating all those who dare get in the way. Good and bad are a taboo, there is no justice or evil in the face of power. Power talks, and silences everything else in its wake. The words of the powerful drown out the words of the weak. Power to change the world, power to correct things, power to be heard, power to save people, power to get revenge, it all starts and ends with power.

You want power? You’ve come to the right place, Wizard. For at Phantom Scythe, power talks, and everyone else will listen.

Currently looking for HRs/Squadron Captains , as well as high level skilled wizards.
Very new, so multiple HR positions open, having groups merge, so this won’t remain this way for long

P.S: Changes have been made, and motives have differed.

Credits to art: IDHAU

“guild status: dark and light”

what…? how…?
you can’t be a criminal organization and a light guild at the same time

There, fixed it. Also, yes, it’s possible, I meant Light/Dark as in reputation, because that is how everyone sees it as.

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