Pick a superpower/a item, but the first person who replies to you get to pick a downside

I will go first. I have Telekinesis

You are a quadriplegic

I didn’t know it would be that fast

i am omnipotent and immune to all downsides

you get midas’ touch

im omnipotent now so no i dont

You are now permanently wearing a Clown Costume.
It’s immune to Omnipotence because I consider it an upside.

I can climb wall

now that is a better response

Eaaarth beeendingggg ? ? ?

You break everything you touch

Your as fat as your mom (infinite fatness)

psychic cat pokemon

if someone sees you the fire nation jumps yo ass


Flashbang minigun with obnoxiously large sniper scope

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gun gets constantly jammed like the hero from opm

you’re egotistical

you are unable to use your talents in front of anyone, and whenever you try to, you look like a dumbass

also you are in constant pain from stage 4 of every type of cancer including breast

(i dont think you people know what omnipotence means)

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i dont think you know what fun means


whats fun? i grind for sunkens in wom