Pirate Party: How good is the ghost walker?

I heard someone say the buffs reset on death, but if you get a good killstreak, you can 1 shot anyone. Is it worth using?

dont you also turn completely invisible and get a big jump boost with enough kills?

The guy with the #1 kills was using it and just killing AFK’s he got like a 300 kill streak which is fun. Basically he said only get it if you plan on killing AFK’s and yes it makes you invisible, gives you jump boost, and I believe bigger hitbox (If you kill enough people and only when using it)

damn, thats a massive kill streak.

realistically, ghostwalker is trash, there is no way you can turn up a good killstreak using ghostwalker unless you spam a shit ton of heals

Yeahhh, there were like 4 or 3 afk people he was just killing those I was tryna get him but I only had the default stuff, but eventually I got a nuke and…

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You can’t kill afks anymore because spawn shield lasts until you get on a boat.

Oh really? I’m not playing PP rn, but if so that’s nice to know. No more cringe op ghostwalker users1!1!1!!!

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spawn killing can still happen, you just have to jump onto a boat a person gets on and melee them to death. and you cant damage anyone while you have a shield on

I said afks. Previously, if there were a few afk players, you could continually kill them with no resistance.

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