Play for meta synergies or for makeshift builds?

Do you think that its worth just building whatever is “meta” and if I just kind of mess around with combinations will it be detrimental to pvp later on? I just want to know if you guys think meta builds will kill diversity.


Anyways I don’t think meta builds will kill diversity, if anything is broken (as in OP) Vetex will cap that shit ASAP. I’d say experiment a bit and go with what build you enjoy playing the most. If you like the playstyle and can do it well you should do well in pvp.

For instance, I want to experiment with a file using iron leg and explosion magic, too how large the techniques end up being.

If there’s a meta testers will most likely report it to vetex and balance patches will even them out within a couple of weeks, so it’s not really viable to invest too much into something that’s the current meta.

Recently there were some pretty huge balances that made it more viable to just use whatever build you want instead of following a meta, so I think diverse builds are actually encouraged as opposed to meta builds

yeah I definitely want to experiment around with combinations when the game drops I just wish that there was more information on the different magics and fighting styles so I could see if its worth it to try especially in the early stages when I don’t wanna fall behind

also yeah haven’t said anything here since the WoM glory days lol

Same, especially with fighting styles. We got all the numbers on magics, not so much for fighting styles.

I think that no matter how much the devs try to minimize a “meta” forming in the game, some sort of build advantage will always be present. Just like certain combinations that work well together like sailors and lightning and stuff. Mainly I just dont want to play a build that feels unfun and clunky because the styles and things are counterintuitive.

Yeah I think the only fighting style ive seen gameplay on was sailors so im debating going weapons just because I can probably find something that I like instead of being locked to a fighting style.

Fire, water and metal best counter build

Vetex in 5 years when he sees a warlock using sacrifice with vampirism fighting style (assuming we can use an ancient magic and infuse as a magic focused warlock)

Water magic first, wood magic second to proc bleeding. Quirky ass build idea

lightning sailor fist paralysis :smirk:

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