Please help me with Lady Carina 🙏

l weel paie yu…


Can u spell, optie? U started a new file? U can’t solo carina lol?

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buddy weren’t you asking for help with elius

tbf elius is a lot harder than carina to a beginner
usually when i bumrush elius i’m down to like 100/600 hp on a file i’m progressing but when i bumrush carina i’m down to 1000/1200 hp

Just don’t be lower level and just keep pressuring her, easy

yeah bro deron is DEFINITELY a beginner

optical you cant be talking :sob:

bro Carina is way easier

elius is easier

I suck at the game and beat him at lvl 35 with no armor
you can just hit him when he charges the rain of arrows, with carina idk when to attack

what build?

with carina just spam placed shockwave explosions and hit her with double beam if you have good aim. ez

wind mayj

Or just close range blast her

bro has turned into another me lmao

I for one understand you. The way she hides in the floor like a mole to heal is beyond frustrating. Hybrid builds at that point in the story usually cant deal enough damage after she starts healing

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I would help you

but your obviously underaged… that spelling makes you seem like a 2 year old

Well… your “your” should be a “you’re”

bro this dude is definitely an alt of optie

only optie baits like that

Ways of baiting aren’t trademarked

I hereby trademark every single way of baiting