Pokemon scarlet violet thread

Idk greninja is in raids rn

Shiny hunting larvesta rn

they demolished my girl

You need a slowbro for the best results even then its rng heavy


shittiest game ever

Sounds like bad

because it is bad

Hey, nice eyes!" | Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Bugs | Know Your Meme

このバグやばいwww" | Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Bugs | Know Your Meme

Most of those are patched… stop complaining about the game there is worse

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Funny Bugs and Glitches Compilation #6 - YouTube

okay bye

Thats a charming bug besides it makes up for whatever it lacks

Good story

Good music like listen to this

this is just that one amazing world of gumball episode where darwin is trying to assassinate the balloon and his eyes just extend like that to try to zoom in on the target