Pokemon shedninja set up

how the hell do i set him up so thati can beat some random ass npc



don’t think shedinja is in scarlet violet but if it was you could theoretically terastalize it to become a partial normal type and become a monster :smiling_imp:

go to serebii or bulbapedia
check their movesets
look for one of his 5 weakness’
if you see atleast one move that hits him (or stuff like leech seed, spikes, stealth rock, ect) do NOT send him out

check their movesets
they do not have anything to hit shedinja
gg well played

bro just don’t get statused, take entry traps damage, weather damage, or super effective damage it doesn’t get any easier

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Fr :skull:

how about don’t use shedinja in general for anything that’s competitively orientated because power creep is a bitch :slightly_smiling_face: