Poll about quarantine

Well I guess nobody likes it but:

  • I think quarantine is useless and shall be lifted
  • I don’t like quarantine but it’s needed to stop the corona
  • I kinda don’t give a shit about quarantine

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For people who study in school or university

  • I study remotely (example trough zoom) and I don’t like it
  • I study remotely and I like it cuz it’s easy to use cheat sheets
  • Not studying

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Wtf is studying

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same :skull:


Studying is university or school

It was a joke

I know. Did you see my post with phrase “bear stepped on my ear”?

Ummm I don’t think so?

If you mean studying as in school in the second poll, our school is in-person right now, just wearing masks.

Ofc nobody actually wears them lmao

It’s from wtf is going on

Well in my country rn is remote study


This is it


just posting this to get my face on all of the latest posts

I’m in in-person too except everyone wears a mask where I’m at(except for lunch or whenever they’re outside of course)

i see no different between my normal lifestyle and quarantine lifestyle so…

studying is for pussies I rely on stock knowledge

i go to a school in person :frsleepin:
only used online school like once

I don’t study, do you mean like going into school??? Cause I’m full in person unless you have Covid or get exposed

haha i wonder who…