Poll about rare spell/weapons/technique drop rates

How do you feel about the above drop rates

  • Drop rates are fine where they are
  • Drop rates should be lowered
  • Drop rates should be raised
  • I do not care

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Imagine getting Rare Weapon from sealed chest as mage :skull:


Getting it as a conjurer :smiling_imp:

it would kinda suck but you could just trade it to a warrior. Then again since mage seems to be really popular weapons might be worth less than spells.

looks pretty fine to me tbh (then again, we dont know how rare are the chests exactly rn)

Guys, what cap lvl for rare weapons? Is it like sunkens capped at character’s cap lvl?

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Probably but it honestly wouldn’t matter, you’d pretty quickly be getting diminishing returns. After all what’s the point of bringing a rare weapon to level cap when you could spend your time leveling up a newly unlocked rare or exotic weapon.

Maybe cuz your sweaty old weapon is better for your playstyle?

Hard to say considering we are not able to do so little as even make a character. But, I do prefer these spells being, well, rare as the name entails. I want these to feel like they’re as special as they are being made out to be

So I suppose right now I’d conjecture the rates are fine or possible should be lowered

Magic is popular!?!??!
You litteraly have those 2 new stats, with pog mechanic.

trade it with a weapon user who has a rare spell

hmm true, but considering we are gonna have lost and even ancient magics, either they aren’t gonna be far apart, or ancient magic is gonna be the holy grail that like 1% of the playerbase ever even sees

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nah, vet said every very rare stuff will have a pity system

GPO should take notes

those are good i wouldnt mind it like that, but maybe its a little high for testers to try them :woman_shrugging:

pretty sure testers can tester UI them. like just give it to them or maybe ask vetex or smth

It wouldn’t be like that vetex said the drop rate would be at a point where if you played regularly you would have one or two.

I can’t really judge the rates if I don’t know how accessible they are. Chests n whatnot wasn’t really something I was following when AO was being developed so I don’t even know how most of these would be obtained. 1/60 seems pretty good all things considered. I’ll need to update my shop for scrolls.

The rates are lower than I thought, but it’s good as it is. I just hope he won’t increase them so they become as rare as sunkens

(from someone that didn’t have such a nice time farming for one)

I wonder if there will be a pity system on them.