[Poll Included!] Building garden in Minecraft

it’s me, bnt. and I’m back with practicing my minecraft building skills

this is technically built for a battle to the death with @StarForDays (I might not stay up until the due time so yeah)



Looks like I have some tough competition here. Here’s my build



holy fuck

yo are we making the poll now orr

Uhh Sure

another separate post or here?

You can do it here

ok lemme just retake my pics bc I forgot how to disable gui on minecraft pe

yo want me to compile your pics together in one single image for the poll?

Sure you can do dat

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ight time for the building contest poll aka. the battle to the death

the theme for this one is garden

@StarForDays’s Build

@BNTarwarn’s Build

Whose build is better?
  • StarForDays
  • BNTarwarn

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cool garden

goes for both

i like my houses over my gardens

Wait, you guys had a building contest?

Yeah BNT showed one of their Minecraft builds so I challenged BNT to a Minecraft Building Contest and decided on a topic and max size of the build.

ohhh okay
I thought it was an open contest and I was like “fuck i didnt know”

Welpidity welp welp, kinda liked StarForDay’s build since it’s more of like a greenhouse like build. I also like stuff being organized since I have an OCD so I become biased when it comes to organized stuff. Though if he didn’t go for an organized build, I would probably go for your build since it’s going for the scenery route.

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Can I please vote for both?

You guys both have great builds regardless even though I found star’s a bit more appealing.

Better than what I could ever build tho lol

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nah it’s single choice poll for now

also thanks yall for engaging with the poll even if I didn’t make a new separate post

I like the organized greenhouse look hehe, but bnt’s garden also looks sick.