Poll On Fighting Preferences

General Fighting Preference
  • Crowd PvE
  • 1v1 PvE
  • Crowd PvP
  • 1v1 PvP

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It’s like 5:30 am where I’m at and I can’t user replies so I might as well make a poll.
Feel free to comment your general opinions/reasoning below, if you want.

Crowd PvP because then I can feel like I’m in a chaotic anime battle even though I suck at fighting

As someone who’d like to get better in pvp but still sucks I’d prefer crowd pve.

crowd pve is fun as hell
try it out




if what you mean by crowd pve is 1v(a lot) bandits, then yes it is very fun
on (a lot)v1 bosses situations, i generally dont prefer because i like solo bosses especially solo minotaur its like the only enjoyable challenging boss, exiled just does the funny oath spam which is annoying to solo

also i like crowd pve non-boss multiplayer situations because we can demolish camps/outposts in seconds which is very fun, especially when i get to flex on the lower levels :sunglasses: even though beating camps at max level require no skill :pensive:

Crowd pvp is hard for me because I feel like I always get targeted if I target somebody. I like 1v1s

Games that encourage you to get crazy builds and setups and then stack bodies are my type of games.

As for AO/WoM specifically, it’s 1v1 PvP, but if we’re talking in general then nothing beats a clear speed focused, spells flying left and right type of build in an appropriate game.

whoever doesnt pick 1 of the pvp options is deranged

npcs are so easily to kill that pve isnt fun anymore for me

I like 1v1 PvPing, though I nearly always lose. I’ll PvE the Minotaur if I want a challenge. PvEing the Exiled is Hekk.

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I remember in the first week of Storyline Update, this guy called Ninja Dragony (he now plays GPO what a nerd), used to stream everyday of boss hunting. He’d always let other people join in. I did of course too, though I only every got Vastira and Minotaur’s chestplate. It was always fun to have a talk with everyone else and rush towards the boss. We all knew each other and it was lots of fun. Sadly he stopped streaming a week after. I want to see people like Ninja Dragony who brought people together.

1v1 PvPing I mean I like Crowd PvPing too because it’s Chaotic I just don’t like when the FPS drops and getting shot everytime I blast somebody else

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