[Poll] Your stat Build!

Yes this is my 8526405790834258743289th poll asking about your plans for the games future even though we aren’t even close to accessing those features yet!

I’m just curious as to what the community’s thinking though, the stat system has me really intrigued and I had no idea there would be so many paths. Of course, things are subject to change. And vitality may be removed, but imma do this poll anyway.

Your Main File’s Build?
  • Warden (Full Vitality)
  • Paladin (Vitality/Magic)
  • Juggernaut (Vitality/Strength)
  • Knight (Vitality/Weapons)
  • Wizard (Full Magic)
  • Warlock (Magic/Strength)
  • Conjurer (Magic/Weapons)
  • Berserker (Full Strength)
  • Warlord (Strength/Weapons)
  • Warrior (Full weapons)
  • Prodigy (All Balanced Stats)

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It’s way too early to decide right now LOL.


Oh come on, everyone did that yesterday

vote what you think sounds coolest


I couldn’t wait tho lol

Already gave up on conjurer because literally everyone is going for it
I’ll just get back my old pal radius fist

same lol

and it would seem the magic build types are already at the top

either full magic, full vitality, or full strength probably
really depends on this in the end

“Each path/build would get something different when the Second Magic quest ends (if it will even be called that), such as strength users being able to learn a second fighting style. The exact progression of each path isn’t fully planned yet.”

weapons is obviously a no-go because weapons are super reliant on what weapons you can actually get, gotta upgrade them and shit too

granted we can’t really actually decide that because we don’t know what the fuck its all going to be like

My main file won’t focus on weapons or melee, so if vitality stays in the game then i’ll be going Padalin.

I will be warlord until glass gets re-buffed or the visuals look cooler for it.

(There’s gonna be a stat point reset method anyways)

we like magic weapons

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Full dex ftw

Prodigy is gonna be a terrible option for a build. Calling it now.

Oh you bet?

Yes. I have a feeling that AO is gonna be all about customizable specialization. If you try to be good at everything, you will be great at nothing.

Unless you’re a real prodigy- OH THATS WHY THE BUILD IS CALLED THAT!

No way man we don’t even know if spells are gonna be the same in AO anymore

I may mess around with warlord but it is too early for me to tell hehe.

1st save (main)

2nd save (pvp)

3rd save (idk)

its gonna be the next paper, calling it now.