Pos Rep Concern

In World of Magic, there was a thing in which if you were a good rep, you were unable to attack any good rep NPCs.
This was good for making sure you didn’t accidentally kill good reps and lower your reputation, but it also meant that you were unable to fight bosses like the Exiled at all.
In AO, do you guys think it will be the same way for minibosses and such, with you being unable to attack them and get their drops?

no. bosses will likely be different because the storyline throws you every which way.

Yeah but there’s also minibosses separate from the story that are optional

it’s safe to say with bosses that wont happen anymore since you follow the storyline and are either a demon or hero in whatever kingdom you appease and the like.

same should go with the side/ mini bosses available when early access comes and release and onwards

i think its removed so good people can attack people of any rep, basically like with players right now