Potential Vitality Replacements

Potential Vitality Replacements
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For a stat that’s supposedly supposed to be equal to the other 3. I can’t see how once upon unlocking 2nd magic Vitality would get anything even near as interesting as a 2nd fighting style or a 2nd magic, let alone at any point in time would it get anything near as interesting. However, I think that one of two out of these suggestions could work in its place.

Suggestion 1: Resilience

Resilience would increases a variety of stats related to survivability. Like Vitality it would still increase health, but present other benefits such as stamina, small amounts of agility, hunger resistance, and possibly even stuff such as healing or buffs to blocking (if they can be done in a balanced fashion obviously).

It would be impossible for this to have any skills, but it could maybe have some perks:

Advanced Perks Examples (some would require full Resilience):
  • Recoil Block: Perfect blocking sends out a low damage shockwave damaging those nearby.

  • Sturdy: Reduced damage while T-Jumping or dodging (wouldn’t be as strong as blocking for obvious reasons).

  • Limb-loss immunity.

  • Perseverance: Reduced damage while attacking (You’re literally going an entirely defensive stat so although it sounds broken it’s not like you’d be dealing any damage anyways).

  • Focus: Disorienting effects like Insanity weakened.

  • Etc.

Resilience could also have unlockable defensive skills for fightning/weapons/strength (if other builds get to unlock more magics and skills Resilience needs some crazy stuff so bear with me)

This would be an incredibly good replacement that has more general purpose than Vitality, and easily maintains the same amount of viability, and if not, then a greater amount. Though lacking in some depth to it, more complexity could easily be added with mixed builds, like more magic energy for Resilience/Magic builds, increased clash power with attacks, higher power with defensive attacks, etc.

Build names would remain the same.

Suggestion 2: Mobility

This stat would increase agility (as much as to not make agility kits broken), lower stamina cost from movement abilities, and allow you to unlock more mobility options and features. Though it would be hard to come up with as much new mobility options as you could weapon skills or spells, I think there still is room for a decent amount of options.

Advanced Skill Examples (some would require full Mobility):
  • Wall Running: Wall-running is still a planned feature yet to be added. However, unlike stuff like dodging which everyone should probably have access to, Wall Running could easily be a build-based skill and I don’t think many people would cry about it.

  • Advanced dodging: A sort of dodging that is more flexible than regular dodging. Though we don’t know how dodging works, it’s safe to assume that it will be similar to CaM, AA, or AR, advanced dodging would allow for the ability to perform specific dodges that are quicker, longer, and allow more control over direction and possibly the ability to dodge diagonally into the vertical axis,

  • Block shifting: The ability to move slightly while blocking

  • Wall Leaping: The ability to leap up walls to scale them faster, rather than wall jumping in which you leap off the wall.

  • Elusion: Blocking mid dodge would avoid an attack free of damage but on cooldown with drastically increased stamina to avoid block and regular dodge becoming useless and prevent cheesing.

  • Tough Grip: Perfect grip on walls without sliding down, even during rain.

  • T-Jump Cancelling.

  • Etc.

Similar to how pairing Strength and Magic can allow for magic combat, pairing mobility with other builds would allow for more advanced combat maneuvers with skills of that stat, such as attack cancelling (with restrictions), faster skills, lower end-lag, increased mobility with skills that allow movement, etc.

Mobility easily fits with the other stats if done well, however it would take a significant amount more work to implement and balance than Resilience. However, if do-able, I think it would be much cooler than anything else.

Build Names:
Rogue (Mobility)
Mage (Mobility/Magic)
Assailant (Mobility/Strength)
Assassin (Mobility/Weapons)

  • Wall running and high jump cancelling should be accessible for all builds. They feel like crucial parts of the game and restricting them would be wrong (especially high jump cancelling)
  • Block charging should also be just a thing anyone can do. I don’t understand why you just aren’t allowed to move while doing so, but this isn’t planned
  • Probably better to go resilience as defense builds would be unique compared to other builds being more offensive
  • Cancelling from a dodge into any action should be accessible for any class for the same points

I think wall running is something that isn’t a very necessary component for all builds to have, more of a cool extra option. Dodging is a crucial movement option, T-Jumping is a crucial movement option, and climbing, although not crucial, is still a pretty important movement option. Wall-Running is pretty extra so I think it would do well if attributed to a specific build.

Wall running would be nice for running around the world. Although more intended for combat, would be nice to use just traversing the world such as wall running up to get a head start up or sidways for extra utility

Yeah I don’t think there’s any middle ground to find on this conversation.

yeah probably not

“no middle ground”
BS! the obvious solution is wall walking! :fr:

This is one of the best suggestions I’ve seen honestly.

unless the replacement can unlock new ways of fighting (strength = fighting styles, weapons = weapons, magic = magic), i honestly dont think it’d work