Potions in Arcane Odyssey

For most of you who played Arcane Adventures, you will most probably remember that we were able to buy potions that aided the player (and possibly other people) in different ways and for different purposes. Unless this was already planned (apologies if it already is), it would be interesting to see some of the potions come back to AO.

Health Potion

This is fairly self-explanatory, however the way it will work will differ from the AA version. It could either be a thrown potion that heals anyone within a very close radius of the potion, or it could just work on yourself. This will have a considerable cooldown to avoid people buying multiple and consuming them to stall fights.

Gills Potion

This will work best for when underwater exploration is worth doing. Will grant the user the temporary ability to breathe underwater, allowing them to dive deep into the sea and not worry about any repercussions by doing so.

Water Walking Potion

This one might sound a bit daft and might become redundant in the future but I can see it working for our current level and such. Pretty self-explanatory, you gain the ability to temporarily walk on any body of water. Useful for trying to survive a tad bit if your boat happens to be destroyed in the middle of nowhere, but might get a cooldown to avoid people using this to get around everywhere, making boats useless.

Illumination Potion

Grants the user the ability to illiminate light out from themselves temporarily. Useful for when you’re visiting a cave or dimly lit area and you don’t have a magic or tool that produces light.

Luck Potion

Grants the user a small extra % chance to get any item that is considered rare from any rng related events. Will not stack and will have a cooldown to avoid any abuse of the potion.

These are just some examples, so feel free to leave any ideas for more and also feel free to give any criticism on this. It’s my first ever suggestion so sorry if the idea and any examples sound stupid and whatnot. I also apologise if the idea might not work so well either since some features planned or are already existing might render the potions useless.

These sound pretty good…except for the luck one, depending on how good the increase is, it could be severely underpowered making no difference, or serverly overpowered making everything a lot easier o get, it could work, and would be used regardless for rng related things but it might not be useful in the slightest.

Also perhaps a invisibility potion that would work similar to a Minecraft one in the sense that you would have to take off all armor for it to be actually effective and it would allow you to steal chests or overhear conversations without getting attacked immediately


Until they see your huge nametag and see potion effects.

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Yeah, that’s why I want to leave the actual balancing and such to Vetex since he’ll know how to handle them. Like you said, it shouldn’t be too much of a boost and it shouldn’t be too little either

it’d be cool if you had to take off your armor since that’d make it impossible to just use it in pvp but do we really need an invisibility potion

The health potion is… okay I guess. I mean it, it forces people to always have at least one on them for a somewhat fair fight. Honestly, it seems better to simply not add them to prevent that kind of thing. We can’t risk adding literally a free heal whenever you want.

A water breathing potion is alright, I don’t think it could really be abused in general and can help when collecting the chests from a shipwreck or other structure. It wouldn’t do much in PvP either since it doesn’t remove the real drawback from going into the sea mid fight, being sharks.

Water walking doesn’t really have a point in my opinion. OK, it can kinda help if your ship gets destroyed on the sea like you mentioned, but I mean you are either at a walkable distance from an island, which you could probably swim to anyway, or you don’t and should probably die anyway unless you can find a ship close enough to climb on. It could be somewhat abused in PvP simply because you can dodge everything by running around on the sea. Projectiles also wouldn’t have some kind of AoE impact when hitting the sea compared to when hitting the ground, so running without even jumping would be a viable strategy especially since running doesn’t use stamina anymore.

Illumination would have an extremely limited use… but I mean what’s the worst that could happen. It’s basically a torch that you don’t need to hold and it would make you more visible to players anyway.

For the luck potion, I couldn’t really explain it better than that


POV: you are a lvl 1 player trying to buy potions from a lvl 1000 vendor


Thanks for pointing out the issues dude, I do agree quite a few of them can be abused somehow so it’s probably better not to add them or just make them unusable during PvP

Jesus WHEN?


Maybe shark repellant will be a thing again haha.

alright suggestion.
The one thing that I need added for potions to also be added is a tab specifically for potions. I don’t want to have to stretch my fingers all the way to #9 on my keyboard. Maybe a shortcut that would open a wheel of potions for use?

actually i’ll just make my own suggestion. one second.

I forgot about shark repellent, that’ll definitely be a useful potion for sure

you get my vote for the luck potion alone. Yes, i understand that it might do next to nothing, but as someone whose luck is a pile of bullshit it would at least improve my chances of acquiring a lost spell. Let alone a lost magic or primordial.

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Dw, if the suggestion gets added then hopefully the potion will actually boost your luck by a considerable amount, not too little but not too much

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here’s my take

Voted, we need to make potions used more in this game

Night Vision Potion for seeing at night

Fire Resistance

Water-Breath- oh its in there

And then we got…speed

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