Pov: actual worst made quest in video game history

if you have anything positive to say about the quest you can get out


3 ketches at the stern of your 300 hp ship:


you gotta have a ketch for it to be fair

Me and my friends did it with a caravel :skull:

i did too and it was bullshit

Top Tip, if your ship is fucked up from trying to sink the sailboat (or fucked up in general), you can walk into the Ravenna cities and repair it without dying from getting caught

Kinda surprising how many people struggle on that quest


It’s really ez to have your boat destroyed

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the best part about this quest is when the npcs get close to you, get off their ship, and start swimming after you while spamming barrage attacks



I thought I was the only one that hated this quest :sob:

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this quest was fucking cancerous

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if you die once you have to server hop

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I honestly got softlocked for like an hour because of it

“Sink the Ravenna Sailboat”
sorry i’m a little preoccupied with the entire fucking bronze legion trying to rail my boat

and for the love of god vetex, make it so that NPCs don’t just jump off their ship and swim after you while somehow highjumping forever, you’re capable of having the boat follow me


No i just keep resetting because it spawns far behind you


There was a white eyes near the ravenna shore during this quest. It took. So fucking long.

Yeah, I never knew I could regenerate my ship after we escaped… so I ended up getting stuck on this for my first run for like 3 days. Since I was an ice conjuror I did a big brain move and made ice platforms to get to windrow.

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my friend did this quest never upgrading his ship

I did this in a Caravel first try, I really don’t get how you wouldn’t have a halfway decent ship by this point. If you’re speed running, yeah, but the game wasn’t really made to be played like that. Also, remember that Ketches cannot ram, so feel free to cut them off, being in front of them isn’t really that dangerous.

TL;DR: While the quest wasn’t well-thought out, I really don’t see how you’re struggling with it.

reasons why people struggled

  • caravels are also sent alongside ketches
  • ketches are faster than caravels and can just rotate to fire at you
  • the soldiers can swim as fast as your ship even at this point
  • if you fail even once, you have to server hop as the ships wont despawn and the soldiers will swim towards you which are as fast as your ship