Pov: Push guild to rookie and locking it

baka calding

Holy shit last how many guild members have you killed today :skull:

I havent somebody else pushed i was sleep

new owner is john cole

yay its locked

what do you mean its locked


Did you get the “new leader has no new perms” bug or what

Oh no that happens when a leader is on 2 files in a guild

Wait so why is it closed then? So no infamy can be lost?


you know what im going to say
so im not going to say it

This is so sad
YOu have a guild in the shape of among us and played WoM to get rookie
I feel bad for you

“omega winning” ok :nerd_face: I mean :nerd_face: I mean :nerd_face: I mean :nerd_face:

mf you grinded infamy after reset announcement you cant say shit

i can care less ngl i can feel happy

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Just realized he locked his infamy so his infamy can’t be stolen
That’s honestly pretty sad bro.

gained or taken