Pox AO request doodle thread (I am going to regret this immeasurably)

Rules are simple.
Post your AO file
I might draw it out of boredom.

There’s no time limit, you are not 100% guaranteed to get it and If a new art idea comes to mine I will spend my time on that instead.

Go ahead and post your AO ocs.
I only have one request though.


For the love of god…

Dont post your female slot

No I’m not saying this as a threat I’m saying this because I literally can’t trust my artistic ability to guarantee you it’ll be a normal doodle.

It’s gotten too deep. So please if you can, just post a man. I need to start getting back into men drawing anyways.

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This can’t go wrong can it?

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This is my poison mage slot

Assuming that your cac just has long hair.

I doubt it.

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Here’s Vega Anchor.
And he can COOK.

Yes he just has long hair.

New navy dude, Jun:

...Female Slot
Are you sure...?
Really sure?
Really really sure?
Just one last layer.
"Onions have layers" - Shrek
Ok last one I promise


Rip Bio

What’s with Kirsten hiding so much?

Fig. A.

My lawyer has advised me not to post Figure A for the sake of our sanity

2 done. Apologies if it looks bad

@Randomness @Batlantern182




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Looks cool! Nice job!


I’m gonna stick to just doing 4 characters a day until further notice. So requests will be open tomorrow.

Its next day in my country so technically requests are open. That means

Rahhh hey Pox nice to see you.
I am just going to leave my female slot here because funni har har.

bless the navy fr…

Hi pox