Predict how big thingyys inventory is going to be when the lvl 5000 update drops

Make your guesses on how large

like 1000000 items

What level 5000 update?
This is a joke laugh please.

you think there will be a level 5000 update?

I feel like you took the title from something I said on a different post but you probably didn’t

lol did you take this from here?

He’ll have 5,000 of every individual item variant for enchants and levels

10 or more of all rare items, like sunken sword, oathkeeper, vastira and many more coming in the future

I feel like there’s actually a small possibility of the game being completed this time. Vetex hired a few builders to speed things up and it doesn’t look like Roblox will be implementing anything that would require a large re-write of the game’s code…yet. The only real concern is player retention imo

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true dat :slight_smile:

definitely more than 5 thousand

it will be large

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abnormally massive

So large that my laptop will self destruct while loading it

I think it’s gonna be crash the game big. You open the trade tab and your computer informs you that you gotta go buy more RAM and shuts Roblox down.

-_- are you sure?

That depends if you are a person who only keeps the good stuff they won’t have much, now if you are talking about chest hunting people like myself who rarely sell their items… Then opening their inventory’s will hecking explode their internet.

And as for Thinggy, well he wouldn’t play the game anymore cause his computer would explode every time he clicked inv

Trick question, obviously the game will break before reaching 5000 due to the inventory