Predict the level 5k update

I am going to say late 2022 if lucky

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yea probably i agree

late 2024 at least at this pace


Again I doubt WoM will reach level 5000 unless theres a “final” update like AA had where the level cap was raised very high because development stopped entirely. Like, y’know… the game gets abandonned.


at this pace it will take literally 100 years, no cap

it was raised back down lol

I doubt world of magic will end anytime soon, vetex been keeping up with this franchise for 5 years!!! and it’s only 2 people coming up with stuff. You can clearly see the amount of effort vetex and tech is putting into the lore and game

Yeah because development restarted… a few months before you know what.

I know i am just saying he would probably not stop anytime soon.

yea ignore vetex making adventure story for like a year

Yeah imma gonna ignore it

I’m guessing 2025.

Im 90% sure WoM wont be finished and would probably end around level 800 if the game goes well, no one can stick on developing 1 game forever. I dont think it would even reach level 1000 tbh. Conclusion is WoM wont make it to the end. And judging from AS and AA vetex doesnt have an abnormal persistency, hes like everyone else.

Yeah I kinda agree, but the reason why those games died is because of the code, but yeah i think he would probably stop at level 1k unless the game gets way more support than now

tbh i feel like 5k levels is too far fetched, unless we have quests that properly scale with them
at the rate we’re going i’m assuming going from 4999 to 5000 is gonna be from around 800k to almost 1m exp
i personally feel like around 2000 levels should be enough, give or take; we don’t need to be leveling up the entire game anyway

depends. i assume at some point level caps will be getting raised like mad, for exaxmple from lvl 300 it’ll go to lvl 500, from lvl 500 to lvl 1000, from 1000 to 2500 and so on, but this will be when most of the game features, map and cultures are done and the updates that are being added are additional content, like weapons, enemies, items, and all that good stuff

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Also: WoM is overhyped during the open tests. When the game actually released for real the 10k players only lasted for like 3 days.

it just didn’t reach people expectations. I also have a lot of that that said they will start playing the game when the level cap is about 200

unless roblox releases an update that optimizes the client and server interactions, wom isn’t going to be completed, it’s just not gonna happen, the load will be way too big for the servers to handle, not to mention the client with people already lagging really badly at lowest possible graphical settings

No that won’t happen, it’s roblox where talking about :rofl: :rofl: and don’t forget the map is gonna be split up into universes