Predict what the meta will be

As title says, predict what you think the meta for AO will be. We’ve all seen the clips so we have a jist of the basic builds to come. (magic, weapon, strength) We haven’t seen any hybrid builds yet but I feel like it doesn’t really affect what we can predict. And unless they change what the clips show drastically, then we can very well predict what the pvp meta will be once release drops.

Me personally I think Pure Magic builds will not have a place in PvP unless it’s very specific builds or they vastly buff magic in general. Magic, in the clips, just does not compare to weapons or fighting styles and unless they reduce the endlag, make DOT debuffs stop regeneration, and give them a grab move (if there is one I havent seen a clip of it) then magic will always be below weapons and fighting styles.

Weapons will be better than magics imo cause they seem really versatile but it mostly depends on what weapons you have. Guns will be overpowered, basically instant damage M1 if you have good aim and a grab move, and whatever the teleport move for swords will be strong. Most weapons are just slow but they have barely any endlag.

Fighting Styles/Strength will most likely be the strongest build in pvp, not counting hybrids. Literally look at the video, fighting styles have insane movement attacks and basically no endlag at all. A skill that has movement and damage will always be free damage/above any other skill. Just look at sunken sword, not that good but its free damage basically. Imagine if magic jumps dealt damage.

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Surprisingly many testers are saying mage is the meta build now.


i predict nothing will be meta


Thing is none of the testers are really pvpers except for probably doc, who used the fighting style. So idk if I want to take their word

How do you know what testers pvp or not?

Inferno is definitely a pvper

Figure 1: Inferno and doc pvping

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Unless testers randomly started becoming pvpers, NONE of them were in the wom pvp scene in 2021/2022. I doubt 90% of testers even fought with anyone known back then. Never heard of any tester in the pvp scene when I was in it

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Ahh yes WoM pvp, almost identical to the fast paced pvp of AO.

I guess we just have outdated clips of magic then idk, I have no idea how magic will compare to strength builds with 3 different movement attacks

mages do have a grab move called “snare” which at the end launches the target away

Is there a clip of it or nah

naw don’t think so

We have seen snare on patreon but because it isn’t against a npc or person it does literally nothing

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:acid_magic_var1: looking pretty promising

Misinput is a tester and one of the number one contributors to Suncry’s infamy.
Honestly my guy. Every build has its strengths and weaknesses. There shouldn’t be a meta builds cause that’s just bad game design.

I guess its all in the eye of the beholder.

Infamy contribution means nothing. someone could have the most infamy yet be worst than most of the pvpers in suncry. Pretty sure when i was in suncry misinput was someone who wasnt even in the pvp section of the guild but idk past early 2022. As long as magics, weapons, fighting styles have different abilities, variables, damage, there will always be something better than something else. Theres always gonna be a meta

2021* i havent played in years