Prediction on which guild will reach legendary status in Arcane Odyssey

Reminder that the legendary status is only obtained when the infamy of the guild reaches 100,000 infamy.

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In all honesty, as we know Island Capturing is also being introduced as a method of gaining Infamy, meaning to some extent you can avoid Player versus Player Combat purely by capturing islands (although we know nothing about it, we can atleast assume that at the least), quote on quote ‘classic’ infamy grinding won’t fully determine an guilds regular infamy gain, nor will it determine their leaderboard placement to some extent. Making me believe that actually alot of ‘random’ guilds will probably be able to rise to leaderboard status, if not legendary clan whilst avoiding constant loss of infamy, therefore making it harder to predict whom, unlss you only factor in skill to some extent.

TLDR: Omega winning :sunglasses:

idk amongus sussy?

a mud magic guild :sunglasses:

probably a guild made on March 14, 2023

Actually I think its a guild made in 2030

creed naval silent order (i hate you) possibly suncry and some other ones that are currently irrelevant.

Because of island capturing its just gonna depend on who has the most numbers and who no lifes the game (cough silent order)

The fact that top guilds will just depend on who has the most time peeves me, should be more based on skill tbh, as annoying as the current system is, I personally would prefer it over island capturing

Whichever guild recruits enough members who literally have nothing better to do but play AO. Would most likely consist of a bunch of elementary school kids that have an easy school life, high schoolers that forget homework and grades exist, or the occasional adult with a lot of time on their hands.

If it’s not one of these 3, then a mix of individuals within those categories.


this is essentially my point, and as someone who owns a guild with way above average players. It’s fucking annoying because theres like 7 of us. We can’t compete with a shitass guild with 100 people.

Yeah it’ll definitely fucking suck ass. However, what are the benefits of having high infamy, other than just being on a leaderboard.

Island capturing has a 95% chance to NOT be the only other way to grind infamy other than classic manslaughter (knowing vetex he might get rid of killing for infamy altogether and replace it with a guild war game mode) there will be several other ways to get infamy other than island capturing. Likely anyways I doubt island capturing will be the only one.
As for which.
quite a fucking lot
After all look at ARs system. You can just bring a low level to camp an island. Ez infamy

Remember. Vetex has already stated he doesn’t want AO to be a pvp game. Every part will be doable by the casual player. Whether it be from island capturing or killing people. Everyone’s gotta be a winner somehow

Custom drip, custom accessories, and you can capture islands and make them look like entire cities.


I know? Youre telling me shit I know already.

Got a feeling AOs system ie going t be similar to this, which is why I already have a strong dislike towards island capturing .
Also killing players won’t be as viable, since it’s islands any noob ass guild player will just log when they see a ship with halfway decent guilders on it

Well it’s going to be harder then you think to gain infamy from island capturing as there are a couple of requirements.

The server your in must have 10 other players in it, and there has to be atleast 1 other guild in the server. If these are not met you won’t get infamy from captured islands.

Only 1 person from your guild can capture an island per server and you can only have 1 captured island at a time. If you capture another island it will go into a neutral state.

So it’s gonna be harder then just going into a 1 player server and capturing all the islands on it.

If it gives stat buffs that will be the meta

no it’s just vanity

ah ok

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