Predictions for the End of AO


  • We get a curse
  • We get a new kind of power
  • We die
  • The world ends

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The death curse is revealed to be something akin to the absorption curse in how it allows an outside entity to control the actions of its holder and we are forced to kill morden once or shortly before he loses his humanity like Durza did.

seeing as vetex wants to continue the story in book form after the game ends, the events of the war seas will probably not result in the destruction of the entire planet.

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None of these 4 things will happen, but the player receiving some new ability is probably the most likely of the 4.


It’ll probably be a happily ever after cus this is roblox and not AOT or sumn

would be cool if we ended up joining the order

i loooveeee joining the guys who tortured/experimented on me.

either that or taking over

i know right

the player dying is better fr :pray:

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