Predictions for Vetex’s next task

Which of these major tasks do you think Vetex will work on next?
  • New islands
  • Next quest line
  • New ships
  • Grand Navy
  • Something else

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Personally I’d really like grand navy to be worked on, but I’m expecting him to probably work on a couple more quest lines before moving on

Islands come before new content since the new content, well, needs the islands, but I figure he has enough rn and could revisit another one. Not sure if 40 islands have been planned or like 40 have been made, forgot, but still I just don’t imagine new islands coming immediately after

Ships are possible but I feel like they’d just be sprinkled in or possibly even pushed off to the end when all the story shit is done and only added when the story demands it (sort of like sky ships)

GN also seems like a side listed feature that’d be added when the story demands it. Could be the next part, who knows, but for now we haven’t even had a hint of GN.

I just think he’s going to speedrun this story thing and get that all situated.


the cernunno storyline has been completed, so i think he most likely will either:

  1. continue storyline (‘next story part’ hasnt been finished)
  2. add new ship (it has been a while since caravel)
  3. do merchant ships but not grand navy (random)