Primordial magic: art of deception


Damage spells:
When hit by a damage spell you will get 1/3 status effect (see then down below). The magic will do 250 damage (level 90)

Movement spells:
When you use a movement spell you will get sent in a random direction so this magic is not good for movement spells.

Healing spells:
When you use a healing spell you will heal a random amount of health Meaning this magic is useless for healing.

Status effects: (1/3 chance)

When you press W you will move backwards etc etc. Will last for 5 second (level 90)

Your enemy will move exactly like you are. If you go forward they will go forward. Will last for 5 second (level 90)

When the enemy attacks you all damage will be diverted to them. Will last for 5 second (level 90)

Reason to add: would be cool with some unique status effects and quirks.


oh my god

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