Primordial Magic : Seamaker 🔱


Seamaker magic is the primordial version of Water and Whirlpool magic and as the name states, is the power to create seas (albeit heavy nerfing because roblox can’t handle that)

Effects and other things

Seamaker magic will have the color of a very deep dark blue that is almost black.
When someone is hit with seamaker magic, they will be given the drowning affect for 3 seconds. In addition to adding the drowning affect it will also create small rain clouds for about 100 to 200 meters around the last person hit with it. This will only affect one person at a time. If someone is hit with seamaker magic while bleeding, they will become infected like in AA/AR. If someone is hit with seamaker then ice magic, they will be frozen for 3 seconds.

Why it should be added

I think we could use more primordial magics and since AO is an island based game, a magic based on the powers of the seas and oceans seems fitting.


This would be too op.
This is a suggestion, things are definitely going to be balanced.


isn’t this called, the Poseidon magic.

Nah. That one was removed since we have hover and magic jumps

But we could call it leviathan magic. That bad bitch needs some respect around here



so, constant freezing magic :flushed:

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