Pro odyssey gaming

yeah sure

i’m currently in my minecraft phase rn so don’t expect me to be active

okay can you accept my friend request (user: DeronChepem)?


thx Master Onion

you fool, prepare to get ganked >:)

Master Onion will protect me!

Master onion when he has 7 bullets implanted into his vitals

you when you have faced Master Onion’s fury

@OnionCream 1v1 me in munera smelly pants i need to prove a point >:(

okay :skull:
what’s ur user

i’ll dm it

you guys can pvp in my server

oke join this guys server ig

your server is full join a smaller one >:( (nvm i got in :+1: )

@DeronChepem Me personally I wouldnt take that level of disrespect


Whatever bro at least I’m not the one who’s quitting ao :skull:

Why are you quitting anyway?

i just said “this guys” lmao, ig you can see how that’s insulting but that wasn’t my intention

See Arpee? Its not that deep

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This is my new topic. Give me feedback pls chat