Project Pain (AAAAAAAAAA)

:smiley: my fav. Good luck dude, I hope you keep the motivation to finish this as I’m sure it will help lots of people, including me.

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btw can you gimme the link to the trello so I can save it?

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heya, I’m returning to this project shortly to record the Light magics and maybe do some more magics. This is project is dying since I’m focusing on my Roblox development as of now, as well as having a general boredom for playing WoM at this point. I’m nearly halfway through this project, so, hooray!

For those who want to contribute to Project Pain, I’ll tell you I’m opening Project Pain to everyone once AO releases, I won’t be able to record every Magic Spell, their shape variations, lost spells, lost/ancient magics, common/lost fighting styles and weapons, with their stat build additions as well. And this is only the PVP sector.
i dont think i would be able to do that myself.
I’m going to make a discord server to communicate this.

Anyways, enough rambling, Sunlight:


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this is getting really bad

should probably hurry


Become the flash

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Or will you finally let us help you

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guys look at that time


their quest luck was on point

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i did that just now

oh god they’re doing the job