Proposal for extra functions for Vitality

Proposal for extra functions for Vitality
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So Vitality is on the chopping block due to it being underwhelming/not as useful.

yes I know I can just quote him but I don’t want to ping the developer

So i’ve been brainstorming a few extra uses for vitality to make it a more viable stat to invest in. I didn’t do any scaling or maths or graphs here, these are just ideas.

Please note that I do not believe vitality should have ALL of the functions listed below

It’s either one or the other…or two. I know that vetex can accept parts of suggestions. If vitality could do all of the below at once it would become too OP.

Resistance to Temperature and weather


Currently, there are few ways to change your temperature other than:

  • Charging your magic
  • Getting hit with magic
  • Changing clothes (???)
  • Staying away from extreme hot/cold places and or weather

That being said, I was thinking that

Vitality could increase the time required to make you overheat or freeze in extreme conditions, thus making you more resilient to temperature without negating the risks of said debuffs happening to you given enough time.

tl;dr You will still overheat/freeze but vitality will make it take longer.

Resistance to Injuries

There are few counters to these other than food, waiting and potions.

Alright but what if the player isn’t a chef or an alchemist? This is where Vitality could come in.

Vitality could possibly decrease the chances of getting and injury OR make it heal slightly faster. It has to be one or the other so that it won’t negate the purpose of injuries once they are added.

Increase stamina (uhhh)

VERY on the fence about this one and I won’t be suprised if it doesn’t get accepted. It could possibly throw the game off balance.

For the proposal though, Vitality should slightly increase your base stamina, it should NOT increase your stamina regen. This will let you utilize more moves, more dodges (not many, like just 1 or 2 more dodges than the average joe) and not feel so limited.

Another huge issue with this though is that…stamina is to warriors as magic energy is to wizards. So warriors being able to spam more moves than a wizard is pretty bad. However note that wizards will be able to invest in vitality as well.

Increase the healing gained from potions/dishes (when used on themselves)

I genuinely don’t have any good reasoning or logic for this one oof.

Vitality slightly increasing the effectiveness of potions and dishes could give chefs and alchemist profession characters an incentive to invest in it.

Another quality post from Savage. This was a nice read, and a few of the ideas I’m seeing are pretty interesting.

Being resistant to temperature sounds very neat and sort of fits the Vitality stat in my eyes. To me, it would be a nice addition to the stat if it isn’t removed entirely. However, the increasing stamina idea seems more fit the for Strength stat to me.

All in all, this had solid effort and was a quality post. Nice work.

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This could fit in the game, I see it being possible and depending how small the increase is I will give my yes on this.

The idea this is good but I would prefer that instead of it being the chance of getting an injury, it would be able to slightly decrease the severity of the injury. That or allow it to heal slightly faster as you said. Other than that this is another yes.

uhhhhhh… maybe? I’m not so sure about this one, I see your point in where it might be unfair to have in a sense more energy than a magic user but then again, I feel like this would also be a way to buff strength users. Depending on how much is given then this is a yes, but I would not consider this to be a yes if it were a significant amount of energy than magic users.

Probably not. I don’t see the reason why Vitality needs to get buffs better than Magic, so this will be a no.

My overview of this suggestion is that it feels as if at least 2 of these functions could work, definitely, but the rest seem to be… Without much reason, therefore having 2 possible functions out of 4 might not be the best in your case, and might not be a good enough reason for vetex to keep Vitality. That is all.

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Thank you guys for your feedback so far : )

Hopefully vitality doesn’t get thanosed’ even after this but I tried lol

sure ok, anything to make Vitality worth investing

Vitality should just be a boost of resistance to temperature and injuries while giving a boost to max hp and a smaller boost to max stamina (with equal regen boost because that’s what makes having a higher stat actually worth investing, especially stamina with how fast it will likely just vanish from dodging and the like.)

This would make it unique from magic, strength, and weapons in the way that it boosts everything that isn’t your damage (aside from mana) and makes it easier for you to not die.

The potion stuff is a solid no, leave that to alchemists.

vitality cannot compete with strength/weapons/magic unless it has its own unique combat mechanic (strength = fighting styles, weapons = weapons, magic = magic)
as long as vitality does not have any, it will always be left in the dust
sorry bro

Suprisingly not cring

Vitality should yeah increase resistance to temperatures

it should also increasing healing speed gained by potions

but uh stamina increase is meh… that shud be more for an agility like stat

If increasing magic increases your magic energy, then I don’t see why increasing vitality wouldn’t increase stamina, you’re still sacrificing some damage for it so you might as well get something else out of it, something which would be needed for weapon skills or fighting styles, if they use stamina for their skills

I was about to make this suggestion myself, but you went and did it first, you genius!

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