Pvp islands

I know that all the islands are not out yet (I think), but what islands do you think would be the most pvp heavy?

Bro I can’t even name more than 2 islands :moyai:

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Same lol

what islands?

Whatever islands can be captured by players. Those are the only islands I know of that might incentivize PvP, aside from a PvP themed island like some island with an arena. There isn’t much read to PvP so areas with a reason to will likely have higher amounts of it.

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Any islands in the game

that arena looking floating island from one of the AO images probably

Dawn Island
Cirrus Island
Palo Town
Akursius Keep
Elm Island
Sandfall Island
Gozo Jungle
Limestone Key
Some other random wilderness Islands


I didn’t know there was more than 5 islands in the game

whatever island has a cool arena

Whole time I thought Ravenna was a person

Ngl same