Pvp lesson pls

will give 762 crowns need skill to clap random mod on a discord server tell if interestest

okay, so basically, stay in air, shoot, don’t die. If you use anything other than single blast spells and jump spells then you’re dead.

is it a vetcord mod

okay sure

bozo we dont want crowns we want pvp gear

Your q button is the top left letter on your keyboard.

Where’s my crowns?


no its some random mod

truly above and beyond lessons, you will be rewarded with 763 crowns for exceeding expectations


hey bro your q and e buttons are on the top of your keyboard

to subvert expectations get in close instead of playing the long-range game and use a 4-blast attack, they will be caught off guard and deleted

now where’s my powerful wizard items

Always a pleasure. :mariomug:

in your inventory, you cant tell me that you dont have a meta set while being in roselight

master PvPer

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1v1 as many homies as u can skill comes with experience

actually I don’t play WOM anymore and I gave away most of my stuff

I only have a powerful wizard chest and wizard hat, gave the leggings away (along with many other failed enchants on different wizard sets :pensive: )

holding on to my vastira for TGR

so they’re in your inventory

(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

I may or may not have a powerful dull power amulet

but that’s a story for tomorrow

nvm instructions unclear, kept pressing escape

remember to block