PvP With an explosion main

Hey, i’m looking for tips on either playing as an explosion player, or combating an explosion main. I’m not sure how i can expect this to be answered, but i just need some tips, even if they’re not for just explosion. For context, i’m a magma main.

dont pvp

since with explosion you have 1.3x size, 100% blasts are extremely good
it has decent damage so the size should make up for it since youll hit most shots
explosion is faster than magma, so you wont have to predict as much, (.95x speed)
force clashes if you need to, explosion has extremely good clash rates

Alright, thanks; i’ll try out explosion later tonight and check it out, one of the main reasons i’m asking, is because i’m considering, once the update where you can have two magic types rolls out, i think i might want to do either explosion, or ash.