Question about the guild wipe

Will you be able to use the same guild/clan name? I mean, if you happen to disband a guild/clan with a name like suncry, but then that guild was disbanded, will you be able to use that name again? or not.

there’s no reason not to allow it?

and in any case, as far as my understanding of it stands, the guilds themselves are not being wiped, but rather it’s simply the infamy they’ve earned

What about the member kicking bug tho, out of nowhere the leader and co - owner of naval got kicked by a bug but can no longer invited, and not even people who want to join naval.

well it’s a bug so it’s clearly not intentional and there’s zero reason Vetex would prevent you from using the name of a guild that doesn’t exist anymore unless the logs retain that and don’t allow it (which i wouldn’t believe to be intentional anyway)

Why are people saying this as if you could already use the same guild/clan names as other guild/clan names?

Wdym? I created a guild a few months ago but once I disbanded it I couldn’t use the name again, but the name was shit anyways

idk then

I thought guilds could have the same names? My guild one time met another with the same exact logo and name which was one of the biggest coincidences in my life

I disbanded Flare once, but once I tried to make Flare again is said this

Im pretty sure I tried doing it with Antlers but that to happened


o pog (am not on discord you see, hence “as fsr as my understanding of it stands”) thanks

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Just make it on an alt and transfer it

And that’s how you get your guild glitched.

Ok so basically
You can steal other guild’s name but you cant use the same name as a guild you already made on this account
However, due to the wipe, you will be able to use those names again after the revamp

Poggers, good news for the leaderboard I guess

had the same problem with chimera, just make it on an alt and transfer the guild to ur main